By trying to fulfill career objective their are personalities you must be extremely aware of in order not to be a victim to their wileses. 
This personalities am saying here always tend to be a mirror for us as we sojour In our career development but they are chameleon in disguise.  

1. A Destroyer. 

This are character whom are against your potential fulfillment.  Spiritually a destroyer is an angel of death. They are just meant for demoralising potentials from been materialize into reality. 


1. Inability to learn 

When you fail to learn you can’t fulfil your destiny. In any situation you find yourself there is a lesson to learn. But if you fail to learn, you fail or miss the opportunity ahead of you. People who like to learn succeed in a series of failures they go through. When you fail to learn you fail to succeed.

To succeed in life you must learn a lesson from things that happened to you. Or from things that happens around you. Many people fail to learn from other people that came before them. Therefore, they fail where those people failed, because they fail to learn from their mistakes.

Before I move to another point let me tell you this, you must learn from yourself. Look at yourself very well. If you fail to learn from your past you cannot enjoy your present. And if you fail to learn from your present you cannot fulfil the future. Learn from what you did yesterday. Learn from what you are doing now, so that you’ll know what to do with your tomorrow. Yesterday is a tomb. Today is your best chance to succeed because your tomorrow is a womb. 
2. Laziness. 

A lazy person cannot fulfil their destiny. You have to stand up from your laziness to fulfil your destiny. The height which great men reached and are kept, were not attained by sudden flight. But it was attained by toiling for days and nights when others were weak. When you’re lazy you cannot fulfil your destiny. Because if you’re lazy, you either give up on the way or run away on the way. A lazy person will run away from their easiest responsibilities because of his or her laziness. 
3. Immitation 

Stop imitating others. Be yourself. Be original. Many are duplicates and imitators. And in so doing, they forget that they are becoming something absolutely different from what they’re supposed to become in life. If you copy or imitate another man’s life you will live and fulfil another man’s dreams. Many copies and imitate others. In the process they forget who they really are and in return become another person.

A life of imitation is a life of limitation. If you imitate others the best thing you can become is the second version of that person that you are imitating. You have every opportunity around you to be YOU.

Be the best you can be and not become the second version of someone else. Never allow yourself or anybody or anything to turn you into another version of someone else. You are the best, not the second best. You are unique and special. That’s what your destiny is and you can fulfil it.

Let this be know to you that nobody on Planet earth is better than you; because God Almighty has created you a unique and special being. 

4. Time waster. 

if you’re wasting your time you are wasting your destiny. If you have any friends that helps in wasting your time shun them. Or stay away from them because they are not wasting your time alone. They are also wasting your destiny. Whatever wastes your time waste your destiny. 

5. Fear. 

Fear is the negative imagination towards whatever we are doing. Or in whatever situation we find ourselves. Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear is negative whilst faith is positive. Fear will make you think you cannot make it, even when ninety nine percent of success is sure. But faith will make you think and believe there is success, even when there is ninety nine percent of failure and only one percent of success.

Thomas Edison is a good example of someone with no fear. In pursuit of success he failed many times without number. But he didn’t give up. Instead he kept doing his research until he was able to invent bulbs that could give light through electricity.

To fulfil your destiny in life you must be ready to kill your fear. In order for you to succeed, you have to kill your fear for you to fulfil. Whatever anyone says or does, does not affect you. You have the power of controlling or allowing your fear to surface. HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF AND I SEE YOU FULFILLING YOUR DESTINY. 

2. A Discourager. 

This are group of people whom will not always buy into your ideas but are there to demoralised you from trying something new of purpose to yourself and the world @ large. 

Stages of discouragers 
There are 3 personalities of discourager. 

1.Mild discouragement.

Thi can occur when a person experiences minor problems or pressures that affect his emotions. For the most part, this level of discouragement goes unnoticed by others and is not long-lasting.

2. Strong discouragement. 

This can occur when we face major problems or pressures. This level of discouragement affects our spirits. In our words and actions, others can easily observe both physical and emotional indications of discouragement. If we become overwhelmed by difficulties or pressures we are tend to experiences the 3rd stage of discouragement. 

3. disabling discouragement (i.e., depression). 

This drains us of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical strength. When this happens, our hearts “melt” within us, and we have no desire, energy, or ability to go on.
Let me say this before I rape it off. I know of a popular writter, a season minister of the word. Whom said the first attempt in writing a book he shared the vision with someone. In a nutshell the individual discourage him from writing the book up till date. 

  • So beware whom you share your ideas, visions with. 

You can share with friends to touch someone’s life too


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