Success can be the easiest thing in view but the hardest to achieve due to environmental personality factors. 

Part one of this post I talked about “Destroyer, how to over come it and I also talked about Discourager and stages of discouragement.

But today am going to be talking about the remaining 3 personalities you must beware in life if you want to make minimum impart.

3. Hijackers.
Another group of people whom are dangerious are the “Hijackers”. They don’t discourage you but steal your vision (ideas) and makes it theirs. I called them “copy and paste personality”. So beware of whom should know about your innovative ideas.

4. Neutralism(neutralist).
This personality is neither cold nor hot. They are so dangerious that they lack bearing for decision making. They are certainly whom will be for you if your idea turns out to be great and if the idea turns the other way round they are the first to say I wanted to inform you not to do it, not to go about it that way nor apply that method etc. They are doing all that because they are or want to be Neutralism.

In life you can’t avoid a Neutralism, you can only over come them and how do you over come them.

1. You must be truthful to your vision.
2. You must be realistic to your vision.
3. You must Maintain a high level of discipline.
4. Learn to be prayerful.

NOTE : A Neutralism will as he/she is because “it’s not acidic nor alkaline”. If you have friends beware of Neutralism among them.

5. A Supporter.

This are character whom may at first not buy into your ideas but once they catch the same vision as you do, they are ready to give out anything in their capacity to support you.


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