Self Discovery 

We came into this world by God deliberate design. He is the our manufacturer, we are His products, and no product determines its functions. The value, worth (purpose) is determined by the manufacturer. 

The invention of writing pen can’t perform the usage of kitchen knife because it will never offer you the value of a kitchen knife. Why? Because it’s not designed for that purpose. Any other things you use it for will only useless the value to nothing. 

Many people are frustrated because they have not cared to discover what they were designed for. We’re more bothered about what we’re created to be than what we are created to do.  

A discovery of what you are created to do is called purpose. 

Doing what you are created  to do is what makes you become what you are created to be. 

Finding what you are created to do and doing it will turn you into a man and woman of value. No matter how anointed, gifted, or enlightened you may be, if you lack purpose, you will not be accomplished. Purpose is what gives meaning to life. You are only to get the best results of doing what you are created to do. 

If everywhere is your destination, you are certain to get nowhere. Life is a journey, and only those who have a definite destination record progress. Anyone going everywhere gets nowhere, for there’s no such destination as “everywhere”. It’s unfortunate, there are many people going everywhere today. 

They are daily going everywhere, but getting nowhere, yet they have not sat back to ask themselves where they are going. It is important for you to sit up and consciously discover the creator’s purpose for sending you to the world. 


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