In the cause of this article am going to be talking about the ill effect and tsunamis of carelessness. 

Carelessness refers to the lack of awareness during a behaviour that can result from unintentional consequences. 

The consequences of carelessness are often undesirable and tend to be mistaken.

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Nobody is born worthless,  but a lot of potentials are living a worthlessness life without knowing they are. There is one tool which has a lot of family branches, that makes one worthless. 

  CARELESSNESS: When you are careless, you tend to be lazy and when you are lazy a letter is been sent to procrastination,  once you start procrastinating you will b stagnant and if you are stagnant you will be complaining, once you start complaining you are 95% away from your focus goals. 

CARELESSNESS tend to take away a lot from you if you are toiling with your potentials and not willing to birth forth the genius in you.

The Work OF Carelessness 

  • It destroy both your weakness and strength 
  • It kills your aspiration vision 
  • It makes one looks like a fool who does not know what is doing. 
  • It does jeopardise your potentials and value for bettering your lot


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