Listening to Unilorin Student Union president in person of Mr Shobowale Lukman David (Eminent) at the ongoing Unilorin Purpose Encounter,  who recently won the Nigeria Best Student Union  President sharing some sympathetic story of himself and how he rose to the top of his career. 

A guy who couldn’t  afford a  shoe not to talk of going to an elementary school, rather the parents sent him to be an apprentice to a meat seller. 

He tasted or started what is called education at primary four when he couldn’t cope in the initial primary five class.

The father died  when he was still at a tender age, before he could even think of going to school at all. 

He said he loves seeing people wearing school uniform and he believes he will one day put on a school uniform. 

After he has made some money from the meat he does sale,  he decided to run away from home to his uncle who is an elder to his father who finally sent him to school. 

While he was in school he was a mess but trying to cope with the academic arena. After two months of living home the mother died making him an orphan. 

He said if he took 18 position out of 19 students in class his always happy due to the bad pronunciations to words and communication skills in English language. 

He later made up his mind to be reading anything that comes his way in order to help his reading skills and his also  willing to learn, and anytime he pronounced words wrongly people are there to correct him. 

He later won a  scholarship from jss 2 to ss 3 in order to finish his secondary school. 

The first JAMB he took OAU didn’t give him admission and the 2nd JAMB he picked UNILORIN but admission wasn’t forth coming . 

Every blessed day he will go to Unilorin admission office crying, he got admission when admission has closed through the help of a Prof from  the Faculty of Agriculture who claimed he once worked with the father when he had his surname and the state he came from which is Ogun state whereas his father never worked were the prof claimed to knew him. 

Before he was admitted as a student he has been going for lectures to the extent whereby a lecturer gave him 10 mark in class for answering a question. 

He said the admission officer who do chase him out of the admission office arena offered him tea on the day he was to be admitted as a bona-fide student of the better by far University. 

He said he has promised himself his going to write his family name on the map of the world and that is why his determination remains Determination Unshakeable.  



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