In this article am going to be discussing the importance of an external invigilator and while we need to avoid an external invigilator. 

Life is so simple that we tend to miss use it value. It’s so cheap that we forgot why we’re in it. It’s so complex that we can’t make something of tangible impart from it and live long enough with it. 

There’s a big need for one to examine his/herself before the arrival of an external invigilator so as not to useless one integrity in the public. 

A student went into an examination hall with a dubbing (a piece of paper) and he/she was caught which jeopardise his/her academic career. 

The believe of an internal invigilator is that my student are saint and good ambassador of the institution so the searching of the student during examination period may not be obvious but an external invigilator  believe there’s no Saint amidst any student, so his likely to have a scape goat for malpractice. 

An external invigilator is so strick while doing  his/her services because they are always after the fault one will commit which they can report and earned theirself a promotion. 

Taking Jesus to be the external invigilator. 

If He comes! What are you going to be guilty of and rewarded for?. 

Revelation  22:12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

Ask yourself what am I doing now that his going to reward me for? 

What stain do I have in my garment that will hinder me from having my reward from God?. 


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