The Problem God Is Having With Most Of His Creatures Is Our Levels Of Mismanagement

I have come to realised God does not place us in a particular seat of power,authority and position without any significance nor reasons of testing our capability of handling what has been committed under our care and supervision on how we are going to maximises it potential worth for given us.

While thinking about what Management and Mismanagement means i got to realise the word management and mismanagement simply means MAR and MAKE in other words what you failed to manage will mar you or make you one day.

The ability to find out what you are born with bring others to resources. In another word whatever you are born to do is certainly find within you, just extract the genius in you to verb.

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  • God gives you a job to see how you will manage other people property, if you worth to manage a resources
  • The sole reason why God gives you a job is to determine your level of Management and Mismanagement in order to know how you can manage the resources he will put under your custody 
  • God will certainly check out your state of Management and Mismanagement before He listens to your request resources
  • If you fasted and prayed for something and it seems nothing is happening it’s because you have not rightly managed the ones under your care. 
  • God will purposefully measure, score, rate, qualify you only at the level of your Management and Mismanagement of resources under your care.
  • Take it or leave it, whatever you fail to manage you will certainly lose.
  • The apex of your Management will attract more resources from God and even Men.
  • God will be happy and joyful to give out His expensive resources only on whoever will manage it for is Worth.

Management and Mismanagement will still have to tell on your level of organization and goals toward the achievement of your vision and purpose in life.

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God does not give you what you mostly prayed for; it’s only what you can manage because He has seen your level of Management and Mismanagement. That’s why when you asked for Aeroplane at the age of 5yrs He knew you can’t manage it, instead He gives you what you can Manage and not Mismanage.

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Have a blessed day.



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